In an attempt to rationalize our love of shooting and editing video, we looked for articles explaining why placing a movie on the home page of a website, could raise the ranking of the site on Google. With this in mind we recently relaunched our Camera2Corporate site with a home page slider that showcases five of our corporate videos. It could not have worked better! I’m astonished, amazed and astounded! Please Google ’corporate videography’ and see our new ranking for yourself. From training to corporate culture to product promotion and use—nothing tells the story as well as a well-wrought video. And nothing is more effective at raising your site through the rankings.

What makes CSA&D, Inc. the best choice for your corporate video needs?

There are two parts to this answer. The first piece, like many other aspects of contemporary life, is born of technology. First, the advances in technology have made high-end video capture and high-end video production available at a tenth of what is used to cost. This means that smaller companies like us can produce quality video, passing on the savings to our clients. Equipment, like cameras, lighting and audio capture is becoming lighter and more mobile, requiring fewer operators as opposed to full production crews, power generators and heavy transport. Second, the mode of delivery allows dissemination at fractions of the expense. In the last five years the growth and video sites like Daily Motion, Phanfare, Shozu, YouTube and Vimeo have raised the SEO value of this more affordable video through the roof. The use of less expensive video for training, instruction and branding pays for itself.

Our principals’ background is marketing, advertising and design. So our approach brings a strategic marketer’s perspective to our product rather than a technician’s.

And we can dramatically increase your SEO. How do you think we made it to the top spot on Google for ‘corporate videography!?’ So in short, if you believe in the power of corporate video and you’re looking to test the waters call us at no obligation. We’d be happy to give you our perspective.

SEO benefits

In the Google search engine results page, thumbnail images from your video can help boost click-through rates. These are known as rich snippets and they display if you have included video on your site in the right way with the correct technical mark-up. Also, it’s worth remembering that YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine after Google. If you aren’t on there you won’t be found – and video will help drive brand awareness, referrals and potentially conversions and sales.

Long term advantages

Video has a long tail too. YouTube has a longer-lasting marketing impact than other forms of social media for the Top 100 Global Brands. While 40% of views come in the first three weeks of availability, more than 30% of the total aggregate video views occur 12 weeks after publication. The rule of thumb for video is show don’t tell. It works best where it’s easier to see something rather than describe it in text. It’s easier to teach a child how to tie their shoelaces by showing them rather than just telling them how to do it. To make the most of video you have to understand how this principle applies you your brand – watching and listening to a band performing their new song, seeing highlights from a new video game or getting a look at a new car are all obvious uses. But how can you apply this for your product or service? Walking a potential new user through operating your system, showing a before and after, highlighting the features and benefits of your product or service all work well as videos.   visit site   [ws_table id=”5″]