Running a small agency means you have to know you’re strengths and weaknesses. How does what you have and what you don’t have bring value to your clients?

We don’t have a map with a dot in NY, LA or even Atlanta for that matter. Our one dot is right here in the Metroplex. We don’t have a big team of people either. We have two full-time employees, plus tried and true colleagues—all expert in their fields. We bring friends and associates in as needed and they prove their worth each time—just like we have to. We’re only as good as the last project completed.

What we do have is a ton of experience, a heartful of passion, and we’ve been told—talent. Our value to our clients is that we aren’t them and fresh eyes bring a new perspective which we don’t water down because ‘bs’ is expensive for both client and agency.

We also have the ability to move your brand with sound insightful strategy. We’ll think about it constantly, talk about it incessantly, pretty much work our butts off. You should expect great work for less of your budget so you’ll actually be putting more marketing dollars directly into your marketing effort. Sweet!?

Here’s a true story: I was working in a big NYC agency. We had lots of resources and were preparing for a new business pitch to a Fortune 100 company. We had three weeks to prepare and spend two weeks and five and a half days “strategizing”. We had exactly one and a half days to write the pitch. We didn’t get the business. Frankly, I think we had too many chefs in the kitchen. Too many “heavy hitters”. Clients aren’t impressed by big talkers; they want rationalized strategy, impeccable client service and the kind of creative that makes the cash register ring.

Bottom line: You should hire us.

sandy mozur, director of account service, CSA&D, inc.