WordPress is everywhere. It’s used by companies like People Magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, National Geographic and Forbes. Sony and VW both use WordPress to power their blogging sites. The Rolling Stones have a WordPress website.

WordPress was launched in 2005 and now powers 25% of the web. One in four new websites are powered by this diverse, versatile and user-friendly content management system (including this one.) Why?

WordPress lets you focus on the design, graphical elements and content of a website and not the intricacies of site structure and programming. Thousands of WordPress themes, supported by a community of developers, are available, ranging from free basic themes to expensive premium themes. Although finding the one theme that’s the perfect fit can be time consuming—it’s the fastest and least expensive path to a highly-functional website.

WordPress plugins can be easily integrated and offer a wide range of functionality. You can add audio, video and shockwave movies. You can integrate ecommerce at varying degrees of complexity. You can manage site visitors, allowing access to all or only certain content and giving them a range of permissions including commenting, writing, editing and/or uploading media.

For some clients, the best feature is that after launch, we can hand off site management to their personnel. WordPress is incredibly user-friendly—no programming skills or knowledge of coding is necessary. Adding and maintaining content is a snap. Usually training takes less than an hour.

It’s easy to optimize each post for SEO and we add Google Analytics and configure an automatic weekly report that can seriously help fine-tune a site. Finally, every bit of the generated code is secure and in full W3C compliance i.e. it follows the rules and that makes the search engines happy.

Ahhh WordPress… we even love your tagline—”Code is poetry” 



colin shubitz, president and creative director, CSA&D, inc.