Great advertising can change minds. If you’re ever been in an argument you know how hard it is to change someone’s mind—face-to-face. What are the chances that you can; attract the target’s attention, engage on a human level using a proxy medium, and change an opinion? It’s the hole we must dig. Great advertising can only challenge beliefs if it has an insightful understanding of exactly who it’s addressing.


Good Art Direction

Good art direction means demanding not perfection of yourself but striving always for excellence. Keep it simple stupid. Know as much as you can about who you’re targeting and remember—there can be no communication unless you’ve first captured attention.

Good Copywriting

Good copy is clear and concise. It understands and speaks to its target audience. It is true to the brand personality and it uses simple, human and engaging language.

GOOD Strategy

Successful advertising strategy depends on having clear, definable and measurable goals, a deep understanding of the target audience and consistent, integrated messaging. Companies enhance their brand awareness and support their positioning in the market by consistently delivering value.


DRÓN  | Make a continuous low humming sound

Using a drone to capture imagery is almost magical. I usually experience both joy and, to be honest, a little trepidation. A lot can go wrong in any environment.

For example, when flying in a downtown area there are two hidden dangers. The downdraught effect is caused when a skyscraper receives wind head-on spreading it in all directions. The wind displaced downward speeds up. This is invisible and makes the drone’s behavior a lot less predictable.

And then there’s channeling which occurs when tall buildings are built along both sides of a street, simulating a natural canyon. This causes a combination of high wind-speed and turbulence. Again, extra caution is highly recommended.

Digital Immigrant

Is print dead or still in its final throes? I think the further down the path to complete digitalization we go, the opportunity to breakthrough with well wrought printed materials increases.

Commercial Drone Pilot

Drone vidopgraphy and photography is transformational. Nothing elevates any scene out of the ordinary as much as when the camera literally takes off and flies.

Photo- and Videographer

I’ve always had a camera on hand. I challenge myself by only shooting in manual. I think making decisions manually forces you to look for the unexpected.

Art Director/Copywriter/Strategist

Colin Shubitz

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