BCT: Start Up To Launch

In 2016 I was hired to help launch Business Centric Technology—the marketing umbrella for two firms—an IT consulting firm and a staffing firm. Over the course of several meetings with the senior stakeholders we; discussed, negotiated and devised a communication strategy. Once agreed upon I designed and produced the logo, the website and all marketing materials.

The company has had well-deserved success guided by a very competent, personable and hard-working CEO. Within four years of launch they made the INC 5000 list.  Two years ago they had their website redesigned pivoting from client acquisition to contractor and job listing acquisition. I feel honored and proud to have been a part of their story.

Dallas, TEXAS 2016


A well-designed logo is crucial for a business as it serves as a visual representation of the brand, creating a memorable and distinctive identity that fosters brand recognition. I wanted to give their logo a very B2B look and feel and I decided that the ‘centric’ part of the name was unique and interesting so it’s echoed graphically in the mark.


Good design is essential for a website as it enhances user experience, facilitating easy navigation and engagement. A visually appealing and well-organized website not only captures visitors’ attention but also conveys professionalism, instilling confidence in users and encouraging them to explore the content or products/services offered.

Marketing Materials

zales: improved response rates

Talk to your customers like people

I pitched the Zales Jewelers’ direct response marketing account on a project-by-project basis. Zales already had multiple, direct response programs in place, but their messaging only referenced discounted prices and special savings.

I suggested that, since they were already putting thousands of pieces in the mail every month, to test something more conceptual and people friendly.

They gave me a bridal program where couples could take their wedding ring into any Zales store, a year after their wedding, to have it cleaned and inspected for free. They would also get a special savings offer. They used a postcard that included this:

Headline: It’s time to bring your ring in to be cleaned and inspected.
Subhead: And take $50 off your next purchase of $500 or more.

I had done a lot of pure direct response advertising at an agency in California. My approach was to never lose sight of the fact that ultimately we were addressing one person opening one mailbox and flipping through five to ten pieces of direct mail. And reminding myself that while all forms of advertising are intrusive, so-called ‘junk mail,’ is especially irritating because the recipient has to actively deal with it.

If you don’t find a way to get attention with good design and a relevant, provocative and compelling headline, your hard work and the client’s budget go straight into the trash.

So you have to take some time to think, in this specific case, how to get a couple’s attention one year into their marriage?

Headline: “Here’s a good reason to take your ring off your finger.”

The postcard to the right yielded an approximate 300% increase in response rate. I went on to concept, design and produce many more programs,  promotions and special projects for Zales and landed projects from sister brands; Bailey, Banks and Biddle and Gordon’s Jewelers.


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