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on being a jack of all trades

What I don’t understand is, in this day and age, how it’s possible to resist being a jack of all trades .The world is changing rapidly and to resist adaption is self-defeating. How can you be, if not excited, then at least optimistic? Also as more processes become AI-assisted or completely plug-and-play, being an early adaptor has a very low threshold. Who hasn’t tried ChatGPT?

My career started with ink on paper and although I miss the smell and sound of the sheet-fed Heidelberg Speedmaster firing up, the make-ready filling the tray and the relaxed presence of the pressman, I don’t miss the other side of it—the dreaded possibility of the missed typo. Unlike the digital world there was no going back.

I ran my own agency in a previous life. Mostly alone except for a few years on and off when I had an employee or two. There were fat years and thin years and it seems like it was never plain sailing. I had to wear every hat; sales, account service, copy, design, accountant and production. Prior to that it was ad agencies large and small.

I feel like having been an essential part of the entire process has given me a unique understanding. According to ChatGPT: “Having some measure of competency across many disciplines and mediums facilitates creative problem-solving by drawing on diverse experiences, skillsets and knowledge.”

Bill Bernbach

“You can say the right thing about a product and nobody will listen. You’ve got to say it in such a way that people will feel it in their gut. Because if they don’t feel it, nothing will happen.”

Joe Chernov

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

Thomas Jefferson

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.”

Joanna Wiebe

“Here’s the only thing you’re selling, no matter what business you’re in and what you ship: you’re selling your prospects a better version of themselves.”

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