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code games 2017

Code Games was organized and run by Trintech’s VP of Engineering, Rocket Williams. Yes, he was the inspiration for the 2018 logo.

With the aim of improving platform user experience employees formed inter-departmental teams to come up with innovations, add-ons and feature upgrades.  They had 48 hours from concept and design to working demo.

Each team presented to the company. A panel of judges was drawn from the company’s c-suite and a few customers. Winning teams were rewarded and the best, viable ideas were added to the product roadmap.

Code Games benefitted the company, boosted corporate culture and enhanced employee retention.

code games 2018

Alliance: Intro Video

Alliance is an annual event where customers from around the world are invited to a three day event to network with peers, view the upcoming product road map and attend user workshops and breakouts.

sales kickoff theme design

Winning as one

A corporate sales kick-off event serves as a powerful catalyst for organizational success by providing a platform for aligning and energizing the entire sales team towards common goals and objectives.

These events create a unified vision and foster a sense of camaraderie among team members, breaking down silos and promoting collaboration. By bringing together sales professionals, leadership, and key stakeholders, a kick-off event enables the dissemination of critical information, such as new product launches, market strategies, and sales tactics.

This shared knowledge empowers the sales force with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the competitive landscape and adapt to evolving market trends.

All Hands ANnouncements

Emailed banner design inviting all employees to the quarterly ‘All Hands’ meeting to hear theabout the company’s financial progress and new corporate initiatives.

trintech 'wins' newsletter

Touchbase to all employees touting account wins, a message from the CEO and corporate cultural news including coverage of all events from offices around the world.

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